Milan LLC - Consulting Engineering Associates

MILAN JANKOVIC, M.S., P.E. - Hydrology, Hydraulics, Water Resources and Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Milan is a professional engineer specialized in a hydrology, hydraulic and water resources engineering with 20 years of design and construction experiences including a broad range of civil and mining works such as water supply, wastewater, stormwater, erosion control, flood plan, hydropower, waterways, as well as climatology, hydrology, slurry pumping systems, raw and return water pumping systems, leach circuit pumping systems (raffinate distribution and pregnant leach systems), pipelines, tailing facilities, heap leach facilities, sediment control structures, hydraulic structures (spillways, stilling basins, diversion channels,...), water balances and roads. He has developed numerous models for design and operations including self developed computer programs in visual basic and visual C#. Mr. Milan has worked with several civil, hydrology, and hydraulic programs including AutoCAD Civil 3D and LDT, ArcGIS, WaterCAD, H2ONet, WaterGEMS, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, SWMM, Hec-Ras, Hec-Hms, Hec-Ssp, HydroFreq, HydroCAD, Flow Master, Culvert Master, Argus ONE, Modflow, Modpath, Matlab, and can do programming in MS Visual Studio.Net. In addition to preparing conceptual, feasibility, and construction level drawings, reports, bid packages, and cost estimations; he has provided engineering oversight, construction management, and QA/QC services for the facilities and structures listed above. Mr. Milanhas excellent client-relations skills, active listening, clarifying and paraphrasing abilities. He is always aiming to be at the cutting edge of technology and striving for excellence. He is cooperative and supportive team player, with strong prioritizing and multi-tasking skills and has an ability to independently learn and actively seek new skills and knowledge.

TOM JANKOVIC, M.S. - Geology Engineer

Mr. Tom is a magister of geology specializing in a mineral resources. With more than 40 years of geology engineering experiences, Mr. Tom works from a geology technician position to a geology engineer responsible for coal mine production of 15,000 employers. His expertise includes mining design on following jobs: designing of geology maps, scales 1:10.000 to 1:1; detailed mapping of geology investigations: underground work, drills, drill's center; interpretation of geology data on plans; geology evaluation of such a data and projecting new investigational works; calculation of ore reserves of mineral resources with geological-economy evaluation of the value of these reserves; designing geology profiles of ore deposits and block diagram of ore bodies; geo-chemical investigations of mineral resources; inspection of all superficial geology works, especially nuclear resources in Serbia; and from 2000-2003 he was a member of National Board for evaluation of all ore resources of Serbia. During his career, Mr. Tom was exploring most frequently these ore deposits: metals: Pb, Zn ,Cd, Bi, Au, Ag, Sb, Cu and U; nonmetals: asbestos, diatomaceous earth, ceramic clays, brick clays, semi-precious gems (agate, chalcedony, opal), quartzite; constructional and architectural stones; and energy resources: coal, nuclear resources.

NESKO KONTIC - Electic Engineer

Mr. Nesko is an electrical engineer with 10 years of progressive experience in automatic control, measurement and quality control in defense and mining industry. He was performing laboratory and field testing and factory auditing in the field of armament and safety equipment. He has improved and developed few programs in Matlab and LabView for measurement's automation. He took part in the preparation of tenders and bids as the technical support for sales and purchase staff. One of his permanent duties is promotion, maintenance and the improvement of QMS.