Milan LLC - Consulting Engineering Services

Milan LLC is a small international consulting engineering firm with a very low-overhead. Currently, Milan is focused on four types of designs: mining, land development, computer software, and flood inundation.

Formed in 2008, the consulting firm operates in America, Europe, and Asia and consists of professionals with a high level of technical education and experience capable to give you the best solutions for your problems.

Milan’s objective is to provide problem solutions. Milan engineers have excellent client-relations skills, active listening as well as clarifying and paraphrasing abilities. Milan technical staff knows how to be supportive team players.

Mining designs include:

Tailing dams, leach pads, sediment control structures, spillways, stilling basins, diversion channels, slurry transportation systems, raw and return water transport systems, leach circuit pumping systems (raffinate distribution and pregnant leach systems), and etc.

Land development designs include:

Residential and commercial site plans, residential and commercial construction plans, architectural and structural building designs, water supply, waste-water, storm-water, inundation, erosions and flood controls, hydro-powers, water-ways, and etc.

Computer software designs include:

Complete software solutions for various engineering and un-engineering problems such as nuclear risk analyzes, water balances, web applications, web sites, and etc. in all kinds of computer languages as are Swift, Visual C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and etc.

Flood Inundation designs include:

Safe channel capacity maps, 100-year floodplain maps, spillway release floodplain maps, sunny-day dam failure flood inundation maps, threshold dam failure flood inundation maps, probable maximum flood dam failure flood inundation maps, and etc.


Our main office is located in Denver west metro area, Colorado, USA.

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